Vishnu Temple Kotali Pithoragarh Uttarakhand

This temple is located in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. This temple is situated at Digas village, about eight kilometers from Pithoragarh. This temple was constructed in the ninth century. The construction of this temple was done by the Katyuri kings. The period of the Katyuri rulers is known as the golden period. In Kumaon, the Katyuri reign was at its peak. With the arrival of Adi guru Shankaracharya in Uttarakhand, the Vaishnavi tradition also came and the Vishnu temples started to be built. The Katyuri rulers took special interest in the construction of the temple. It is also notable in this form that the number of Lord Vishnu temples in Pithoragarh is much less compared to the temples of Shiva and Bhagwati. The Archaeological Survey of India has declared this temple as National Heritage.

Nearest City/Town : Pithoragarh
State : Uttarakhand
Country : India
Address :
Dingas village
Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand
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